Portland DNA Testing

Portland DNA Testing services – Fast, Accurate & Reliable

We provide professional, fast and reliable services for DNA testing in Portland OR and the surrounding areas.  

Mother with Child

The most common reason for DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) testing is to establish the relationship of one individual to another such as in the case of paternity testing.  However, genealogy and ancestry or heritage testing is becoming more common place as genetic testing has become more affordable and genealogists strive to trace their ancestral origins and family tree.  

We offer a wide array of services for DNA testing in Portland OR whether you are exploring your ancestry or seeking to establish biological relationships between child and parent, siblings, or other closely related relative such as a grandparent or uncle.  

Our Services for Portland DNA Testing: 

  • Paternity (Fatherhood) – 100% accurate determination of a child’s biological father from our AABB Accredited Parentage DNA Laboratory
  • Infidelity – confidentially and accurately tests virtually any item for the presence of a DNA profile
  • Ancestry (Heritage) Testing – trace ancestral groups and origins
  • Kinship – test individuals to determine if they are related
  • Accredited and Legal Individual DNA Profile – signed by the Ph.D. at our laboratory and notarized for acceptance worldwide
  • Immigration – establish a biological relationship to a U.S. or Canadian citizen
  • Medical – identify the genetic risk for family health conditions
  • Estate/Inheritance – determine if an individual is an heir
  • Adoption – reunite siblings, reunite child and biological parent
  • Twins – determine whether twins are identical or fraternal
  • Forensic DNA Casework – ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ASCLD/LAB-International Accredited Criminal Forensic Casework for courts, attorneys and individuals