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Paternity Testing in Gresham OR with Paternity Northwest

About DNA Paternity Testing Gresham OR

If you are a single parent you may have questions about your child’s paternity. It is important to establish the correct father for many legal and personal reasons.  If your child’s paternity is in question then look no further. Paternity Northwest provides DNA paternity testing in Gresham OR and the surrounding area.  DNA testing establishes the biological relationship between a father and child in a simple straight forward procedure.  A cheek swab is commonly used to obtain DNA samples from the child and potential father.  The samples are then sent to the testing lab and are compared with each other to establish if the potential father is or isn’t the child’s biological father.

establish paternity

Some of the legal and personal reasons people choose to establish fatherhood with paternity testing in Gresham OR and nearby include:

  • Document the father on the birth certificate
  • Request financial support or child support
  • Obtain parental rights such as visitation and child custody
  • Establish the child’s citizenship
  • Determine the child’s right to inheritance or other benefits
  • Obtain full family medical history
  • Solidify the father child bond
  • Achieve peace of mind


Paternity Northwest is accredited and our services are guaranteed. Whether you are seeking paternity testing in Gresham OR or nearby we can help guide you through the process.  Please contact us for your confidential appointment.