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What is DNA Paternity Testing?

Paternity DNA Infant ChildPaternity testing is used to establish “fatherhood” or the biological relationship between a father and child.

Everyone inherits genetic material from their biological parents; 50% from their mother and 50% from their father. It is this fact that makes paternity testing possible. When paternity testing is done, DNA samples are obtained from the child and the potential father. Usually the samples are collected by doing a simple cheek swab. The paternity test analyzes the two sets of DNA and compares the potential father’s DNA pattern to the child’s DNA pattern.  This test determines whether the potential father is or is not the child’s biological father.

Sometimes the need for paternity testing is for personal reasons including peace of mind and sometimes it is necessary for legal reasons.  There are several different motivations for seeking a legal DNA paternity test:

  • Claim the father on the birth certificate
  • Financially support the child by providing child support
  • Obtain partial or full child custody
  • Establish citizenship through the relationship
  • Allow the child to obtain inheritance or other benefits

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