We found a great article on the ABC News website talking about DNA Paternity testing. One of the highlights of the article was a comment that “DNA Doesn’t Make A Father”. The article also refers to DNA Paternity Testing using blood etc. Our DNA Paternity testing uses the less invasive “swab” testing.

In the ABC News article there is a reference to a couple that had disappointing results from their DNA testing (the wife had an affair and the husband was not the biological father of the child). But the couple went on to maintain a rich and fulfilling family life for all of their children. The husband stated that “yes, there will always be some pain associated to knowing the truth, but our son has a right to know.” “I will always be his father”. If you would like to read the full article it can be found here: http://abcnews.go.com/Primetime/story?id=132115&page=2#.UOYSWXfhd8E

Offering DNA Paternity testing services in Portland OR allows us to meet many couples that have these sames types of decisions to make. We understand about the stress and anxiety around DNA paternity testing. it is our job to minimize this stress for you.

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