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DNA Paternity Testing & Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing

When you request a paternity test your DNA collection will take place at one of our Oregon or Southwest Washington DNA testing clinics or we will schedule a convenient time at a  location of your choice. Our professionally trained DNA test collector will obtain a sample of DNA by gently rubbing a sterile swab on the inside of the mouth. The envelope is labeled and sealed for traceable, overnight express to the AABB accredited laboratory. The sample collection only takes a few seconds and the lab turnaround is less than two business days. Below is a complete DNA Testing Process overview:

  • Start by placing an order for your DNA Testing Service
    Place your order by calling one of our DNA experts anytime day or night. You can either pay in full up-front, or provide a down payment to get the process started.
  • Schedule an appointment for DNA collection
    Based on your preferences, we schedule a time for your DNA collections. Depending on location and circumstances, participants call to schedule at a nearby clinic, use our convenient mobile service at your location, or meet you at a predetermined location. We will work with you to find the most suitable solution for your needs.
  • What to expect at the DNA Testing Appointment
    We are flexible and will work with your needs. Whether collected together or separately, the specimens usually only need to be collected from the alleged father and child. The mother’s DNA is not required (unless the two alleged fathers are related) and usually does not have to be present. The collector will swab the inside of the cheek for a brief moment, and then package it up for the lab. The entire appointment should only last about one minutes per person.
  • DNA Laboratory Processing
    Samples go directly to our AABB Accredited Parentage Testing Laboratory. Once the lab receives the samples, they isolate the DNA particles from each person and generate each individual’s “DNA Profile.” The child and alleged father’s profiles are then compared to each other for a guaranteed result. The result will provide accredited proof that the alleged father IS OR IS NOT the biological father. The lab completes this process in less than two days. We have a 100% money back guarantee that the result is true and accurate.
  • Delivering DNA Results
    As soon as the results are ready, we can send you via email a lab certified PDF of the results. If an attorney or other third-party needs access to the results, we can email them a copy as well at no extra cost. Hard copies are available and can be sent anywhere in the US for an additional $50 per address.

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